Transcription & Assessment platform

Turn Recordings into Valuable Insights

RaeNotes transcribes your meetings, user interviews, coaching sessions and unlocks your team’s spoken knowledge, making it searchable and organized, with less wasted effort.

  • Searchable videos

    Build a meeting repository of searchable videos and insights

  • AI transcription

    Turn recordings into transcript with powerful tagging features

  • Coaching Assessment

    Assess coaching sessions with ICF, EMCC and your own competency model.

Trusted by 1000+ teams

  • “RaeNotes has significantly streamlined my work as an ICF Mentor Coach. I’m saving at least 2 hours of time per client now that I can concurrently listen to, assess and comment on a coaching session. My mentor coaching clients appreciate the ability to access my assessment and written feedback directly through the RaeNotes platform. RaeNotes is exceptionally user-friendly and the development team has been most responsive to suggestions for potential enhancements to this excellent tool.”
    Lillian J. LeBlanc,
    PCC, Principal, Ibis Coaching, LLC
    Registered Mentor Coach, International Coach Federation
  • “I am so thrilled with the RaeNotes application. RaeNotes presents the recording synchronized with the transcript, allowing me to capture in the moment the observations. I can also highlight client words and keep notes about them. At any time I can stop the recording, or go back to another spot to re-listen. When I am done, I can export the session to a very useful document, with all of my notes and observations collected by marker and time from the transcription.”
    Kathy Harman
    MCC, CCM, Real Results, Inc.

RaeNotes Industry Solutions

See how organizations are integrating RaeNotes into their workflow
  • RaeNotes ICF Coach

    A must have tool for coaching sessions. Raenotes incorporates intuitive tagging of ICF core competencies with their related markers, your voice and written comments linked to the identified areas of strength and improvement, and much more.


    Automatically transcribe interviews and find quotes with RaeNote's smart search. Read the transcript as your audio plays and jump to the moment of interest with synced video/transcript.


    Unlock more valuable insight from voice data with Enterprise Search and media content management. You can save, automatically analyze, share, and organize recordings to create your enterprise media library.