RaeNotes converts speech to intelligent data.

RaeNotes is an AI-powered platform, provides automated
voice transcription, summarization, robust search,
media content management, and collaboration
for meetings, interviews, lectures.

RaeNotes helps with

  • Transcription
  • AI-generated outcomes
  • Comments
  • Assisted Summary generation
  • Audio & Video Bookmarks
  • Search inside the recording
  • Adaptive media player

Featured Capabilities

Get your voice recordings transcribed

Automatically transcribe and sync the text to your audio. The build in editor makes it easy for you to modify, export, and share the transcript. With the embedded industry-specific language model just 7 out of 500 words will need your correction.

Focus on what is matter with AI-powered summary and notes

Keep track of the important details with AI assisted summary and note generation. RaeNotes automatically extracts key action items such as questions within meetings and provides mark-up capabilities to annotate the transcript with user defined own outcome categories.

Store and access meetings, lectures and voice recordings from anywhere

Never lose audio and video content. Keep everything in one place. Get to your recordings from any computer, phone, or tablet. Use custom facets to filter recordings by tags, upload date, speakers, duration, and more.

Share audio and video files instantly

Share files with anyone, even if they don't have a RaeNotes. Advanced sharing permissions let you control who can read, comment, edit and share your content.

Find information in audio and video faster

Search beyond everything that's spoken. Easily find the exact point within the video that contains the content of interest.

Collaborate effectively with contextual comments

Create notes and post comments that are linked to the associated parts of the video. Build discussions with your team around the content in an intuitive way.

RaeNotes Industry Solutions

See how organizations are integrating RaeNotes into their workflow
  • RaeNotes EDUCATION

    A must have tool for enterprise training, academic lectures, and online coaching. Facilitate better content management, provide voice & written feedback within the context, leverage active learning and student engagement.


    Automatically transcribe interviews and find quotes with RaeNote's smart search. Read the transcript as your audio plays and jump to the moment of interest with synced video/transcript.


    Unlock more valuable insight from voice data with Enterprise Search and media content management. You can save, automatically analyze, share, and organize recordings to create your enterprise media library.