Transcription and Smart Assessment for Mentor Coaches

Quickly convert coaching sessions to pre-filled ICF assessment form

Simplify your ICF assessments workflow in a single platform

  • coaching library

    coaching library

    Securely store coaching sessions, and access them from anywhere. No one sees your data but you in a completely automated platform.

  • coaching transcription

    coaching sessions

    Save time by transcribing coaching session automatically with advanced AI speech recognition.

  • icf star

    with ICF markers

    Tag ICF core competencies with enables PCC, ACC, and MCC related markers, add contextual note linked to the identified areas of strength and improvement.

  • icf feedback

    your feedback

    Work together on shared recordings and improve the learning experience by delivering contextual feedback.

How It works

1.Upload and Transcribe coaching sessions automatically

Drop your audio/video files straight into RaeNotesʼs web-application from your computer, phone, or tablet, and automatically convert your coaching sessions to text. You will get the accurate transcript in minutes after uploading.

transcribe coaching sessions automatically
synchronized transcript

2.Listen and follow the transcript

RaeNotes' embedded player synchronizes the text within the video and helps you to follow the transcript and bookmark moments of interest.

3.Tag ICF core competencies and make contextual notes

Create meaningful feedback and deliver coaching and suggestions within the right context. Tag ICF core competencies with their related markers linked to the identified areas of strength and improvement, and add voice or text comments.

ICF core competencies
sharing coaching sessions

4.Work together on shared coaching sessions

Give your clients an access to read/edit/comment a RaeNotes document, and build discussions around the content without overwriting your notes and loosing context.

5.Export automatically pre-filled ICF assessment form

Convert the RaeNotes document to a pre-filled ICF assessment form with the transcript, tags and comments, and download it as a Word document.

pre-filled ICF assessment form

Why RaeNotes?

  • transcription $0.10 per minute

    Reduce costs

    The best way for coaches to get tools beyond automated transcription at a price of transcription service alone.

  • Get more done

    Save at least 2 hours of time reviewing one coaching session and filling the ICF form, so you can focus on working with your clients.

  • Keep your clients happy

    Your clients will appreciate the ability to access the assessment and your feedback in a single platform.

Coaches who switch to RaeNotes report an increase in performance, and engagement

“RaeNotes has significantly streamlined my work as an ICF Mentor Coach. I’m saving at least 2 hours of time per client now that I can concurrently listen to, assess and comment on a coaching session. My mentor coaching clients appreciate the ability to access my assessment and written feedback directly through the RaeNotes platform. RaeNotes is exceptionally user-friendly and the development team has been most responsive to suggestions for potential enhancements to this excellent tool.”
Lillian J. LeBlanc, PCC, Principal, Ibis Coaching, LLC
Registered Mentor Coach, International Coach Federation
“RaeNotes reduces the time it takes to do an assessment and the cost. It's not only has the ability to generate a transcript but also an area where I type my feedback right in the platform and explain where certain strengths and areas for development are.”
Marta Fisher, Mentor Coach


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